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Syncing and Editing Across Platforms: Final Cut Pro is a powerful video editing software, but syncing and editing projects seamlessly between the iPad and macOS versions can be cumbersome, especially when dealing with large media files. Limited Flexibility in Editing: Users face limitations when attempting to edit media across devices due to file compatibility issues, file size constraints, or challenges in maintaining consistency between the iPad and macOS versions.

Velan Solutions, LLC’s work received positive feedback from users and allowed the client to set up key meetings with new customers. The team's communicative and proactive approach resulted in a positive partnership. They offered high-quality work on time, demonstrating their knowledge and expertise.
Brian Meaney
Program/Product Manager, Third Summit
Automated Proxy Server Generation

Alteon automates the process of generating proxy servers. These servers sync original footage to the cloud, creating lightweight, manageable versions of the media files that can be easily accessed and edited across different devices.

Cloud-Based Syncing

By syncing original footage to the cloud, Alteon enables seamless access to media files from both iPad and macOS versions of Final Cut Pro. This eliminates the need for manual file transfers or compatibility adjustments, streamlining the editing workflow.

Freedom and Flexibility in Editing

The generated proxy servers allow users to edit media with freedom and flexibility. They can work on projects from their iPad or macOS version interchangeably, without worrying about file compatibility or limitations associated with file sizes.

Improved Workflow Efficiency

Alteon enhances workflow efficiency by simplifying the process of syncing and accessing media files across platforms. Users can focus more on the creative aspects of editing rather than grappling with technical syncing issues.

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