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Long-haul truck drivers face the challenge of fatigue, a significant factor contributing to freeway accidents. To address this issue, strict regulations on hours of service compliance have been established, aiming to prevent driver fatigue and potential accidents. However, manual logging introduces the risk of errors or intentional misrepresentation of driving hours, posing safety risks and regulatory non-compliance concerns. This safety concern is further exacerbated by drivers being incentivized to cover more miles, potentially leading to fatigue and increased accident risks due to extended driving hours. Recognizing the need for efficient fleet management, fleet managers require real-time data on driver activities, vehicle locations, and compliance with regulations to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their fleets.

VJ and his team at Velan Solutions consistently demonstrate their ability to handle complex system requirements and develop products independently. Their exceptional service has been proven over several years, delivering high-quality results with minimal direction. Velan Solutions excels in implementing software across various platforms and languages, including front-end, mobile, and backend systems. They proactively integrate automation to streamline processes and reduce maintenance efforts post-delivery. As a local development shop, Velan Solutions is our preferred partner for technology builds, ranging from proof of concepts to production-grade software.
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Custom-Built System

The system was built from the ground up, indicating a custom software development approach tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the trucking industry and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. This involved extensive planning, architecture design, and development efforts to meet the stringent business deadline.

Mobile Application Development

The system includes Android and iOS mobile applications. Development for multiple platforms ensures accessibility for a broader range of users, such as truck drivers using different mobile devices.

Real-Time Data Processing

The system continuously collects and processes real-time data from the vehicle, such as location, speed, and other diagnostics. This involves the development of robust data processing mechanisms to handle and analyze a constant stream of information efficiently.

Data Reporting and Visualization

The system provides a dashboard for fleet managers, displaying rich data on truck locations, driving violations, compliance status, and more. The development involves creating user-friendly interfaces and data visualization tools to facilitate easy interpretation of the gathered data.

Value-Added Services Development

Additional features, such as pre-trip/post-trip inspections, bill of lading management, and automatic fuel tax calculations, involve the development of specific functionalities within the app to provide these services seamlessly.

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