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What problem are we solving?

Inadequate management of probationer training and asset tracking poses a significant challenge for organizations. The current systems lack efficiency, leading to difficulties in supervising and reporting on probationer training progress. Additionally, the absence of a robust asset tracking solution results in a lack of accountability and operational inefficiencies in managing valuable assets.

The results thus far have exceeded the expectations of the internal team, helping grow their company and client base. Vélan Solutions, LLC delivers quality results in accordance with the set timeline and budget. The team is always available and is receptive to feedback.
Greg Glickauf
CEO, 911 Tech Inc.
Transition to Cloud-Based System

The software migrates the entire police field training program to a cloud-based platform, eliminating paper-based processes and offering a centralized, accessible, and scalable system.

Real-Time Data Collection and Management

By leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure, the software enables real-time data collection, management, and tracking of Daily Observation Reports (DORs), summaries, and results. This instant data accessibility improves accuracy and efficiency in monitoring trainee progress.

Analytical Insights and Visualization

The software provides analytical data through charts and graphs, presenting visual representations of recruit progress. This feature allows trainers and administrators to make informed decisions based on critical performance metrics collected in real time.

Cross-Device Compatibility

With a web-based platform using Bootstrap 4, the software ensures seamless access and uniform user experience across multiple devices without the need for an app. This flexibility allows trainers and administrators to access information on-the-go, enhancing convenience and productivity.

Automation and Data Capture

The software automates data entry and calculation processes, reducing redundancy and minimizing manual effort. It automatically fills in essential details such as trainee information, training time, and critical performance indicators, streamlining the documentation process.

Standardized Performance Metrics

It enables easy and systematic capture of important performance data, such as Specific Evaluation Guidelines (SEGs), Corrective Action Needed (CAN), and High Achiever Traits (HATs), ensuring standardized and comprehensive evaluations.

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